The world and the future which are connected by a line.

1. Man Power
 Total 1,700 persons (HET-1:1,300 / HET-2:400)

2. Factory products (Category)
 HET-1 : Home appliance, OA, Industrial, FA, Medical, Air condition, Automotive
 (Air bag, Seatbelt, Car Switch, Steering wheel), Power Equipment, Others
 HET-2 : Automotive (Airbag, Seatbelt, Switch module, Lighting System, Mirror, Steering wheel,
 Home Appliance), Others

3. Sales Amount
 THB 150 million / Month (Average)
 THB 1,800 million / Year

4. Sales amount category
 Automotive:62%, Home appliance:31%, Power Equipment:4%, Office Automaion: 2%, Industrial:1%