The world and the future which are connected by a line.

Domestic electrical appliances, which we cannot be without in daily life, and automobile power sources, have both made big changes in recent years, and also industrial structural changes and production devices have been adapted everyday under the constant strong demand for cost reduction. From our establishment in 1987 we have continued to supply all these internal wires (wiring harness) around Asia, the United States and the European countries. We always comply with the delivery time and improve the quality using the latest facilities and Cell Manufacturing System.
Home Appliances
The design and the function of domestic electrical appliances have changed greatly from the 1980's, but the harness we produce that performs an important function has not changed from those days.
We supply in-vehicle safety harnesses such as seat belts and also the air bags that protect human life while the automotive industry implements safety and security as its highest priority. Our products meet the most severe quality standards for both the product and function aspects. Our products have achieved a high reliability as parts used in safety devices aimed at reducing the victims of traffic accidents to "Zero".
Our Company continues to supply high quality products to customers by making positive efforts in order to meet the demand of smaller lot sizes and by offering a wide variety of wiring harnesses for industrial equipment. We achieve a high evaluation from our customers for our efforts.